Customer & Lead Management

Customer and lead management is commonly referred to as CRM, (Client Relationship Managment). A CRM tool is something that every business needs to one degree or another. Some businesses may not use their CRM for much more than keeping their customer list and contact info. Very basic. SynkedUP’s CRM toolset is a middle of the road approach, allowing you to not only manage and maintain your customer base, but also learn things such as where your customers are hearing about you, track your conversion rates on the proposals you put out there to leads, and so on.

The point of a CRM is to create a central place to access information about your customers. And then use that information to draw insights and identify trends. Learn things about your customer base. The more you learn about your existing customer base, the better you know how to go find more customers just like them.

CRM for landscape businesses

How Does it Actually Work?

The Old Way

Just respond to leads as they contact your business, and issue proposals. Keep your customer list in a spreadsheet or your accounting software.

The SynkedUP Way

Not only manage your customers, but your leads also. Set up consultations, issue proposals, accept proposal approvals electronically, track and segment your customers via tags, track where your leads are hearing about you, track your conversion rates from all the proposals you put out, and more.

Never really understand where your leads are coming from. At best keep notes scattered throughout spreadsheets and your phone.

Know exactly where your leads are coming from at all times, displayed on beautiful graphs. Compare last month with this month, or last year. Learn what is hot in the market and pursue it with intent and focus.

Just pump out estimates and proposals as fast as you can for as many people as you can. Usually oblivious to how much time and effort this is taking, and unaware of your conversion rate (How many you sold vs how many you created)

Know exactly how many proposals you’ve created, how many are pending, and how many are sold. Track your proposal conversion rate company wide, across all your sales people. Displayed in beautiful graphs, compare one time period against another time period to see trends.

Manually create consultation meetings with your customers and leads in a calendar, type out emails, etc. Manually communicate with salespeople and your leads/customers about these appointments.

Create and schedule consultations for your leads and customers, which automatically creates calendar events that both the salesperson and customer receive notifications for. Create prepopulated email drafts to avoid manually typing them out each time.

Have pictures and documents about your customers’ jobs scattered throughout Google Drive, computers, etc

Manage all photos, attachments, notes, etc directly inside of SynkedUP, accessible from anywhere with the mobile app.