Scheduling can quickly spiral out of control for a home services business. Delays, changes, weather, sick employees, the list goes on. It’s an animal to stay on top of it all. And the feeling of being in control can seem a little rare.

We know. We’ve lived that life. We’ve done the white board, the Google calendar, the you name it.

What you need is one single place to view and manage your schedule. To see what you care about in that moment, and filter out what you don’t. Focus. You need to be able to see what jobs are sitting there and need scheduled. You need to check in on the maintenance crews, and then update the installation crews. Notify your service tech when a new ticket is assigned to them. All from one place.

We’ve got it. The SynkedUP scheduling interface is built just for you.

How Does it Actually Work?

The Old Way

Maintain a messy white board, erase and update constantly.

The SynkedUP Way

Quick, intuitive, drag and drop scheduling interface.

Struggle to focus through the clutter of the entire schedule of all the different crews and teams you are managing.

Filter the calendar down to only what you are managing at the moment. Focus.

Have different calendars for the install crews, the maintenance crews, the service technicians.

View your entire companies work at a glance. See who is available. Filter out or compare schedules of the different installation, maintenance, and service teams.

Manually figure out in your head the duration of an installation project.

Just tell SynkedUP how many guys you plan to put on that crew/project and it will calculate the duration of that project for you automatically.

Text, call, verbally update, or plain forget to tell your guys what’s coming on their schedule.

Automatically notify your team when a new job gets scheduled to them, or gets edited/changed. In that notification your guys can view and browse through all the job’s info, materials, notes, attachments. Instantly. At their fingertips. Enable your team to be prepared.

Have the salesperson call, text, or verbally tell the Scheduler in your company that they just sold a new job that needs scheduled. Or, be like the rest of us: where that never happens as it should.

Instead, your Scheduler instantly gets a notification the moment a new job is sold. Scheduler can also check the calendar at any time to see all the unscheduled jobs they need to take care of.