Exclusive Live Event with Mike Pletz from How to Hardscape

Top 3 Accounting Items to Focus on at End of Year

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November 30, 11 AM Eastern time

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No worries! I get that a lot of you are in your final push for the season. Register anyway and we’ll send you the replay so that you can watch on your own time.

We’re bringing in Joe and Carla from Cycle CPA to drop some wisdom on what we should be thinking about as business owners from an accounting perspective as the season winds down. Mike Pletz will be guiding the discussion, asking the questions, and making sure we break down the accounting talk to something we can turn into action items for our businesses. Mike will then wrap things up with Weston Zimmerman from SynkedUP, discussing how tracking and knowing your numbers throughout the year gives you the clarity to make sound business decisions (should I buy that piece of equipment!?) and know when you are hitting your profit goals.

How to Hardscape Logo - Mike Pletz

Mike Pletz runs a podcast dedicated to helping hardscape contractors, as well as a website and youtube channel full of resources for those looking to grow their business

Joe and Carla Policastro run an done-for-you accounting service specialized for the green industry. Exactly what most hardscape and landscape business owners need, so they can get back to working on their business.

Weston Zimmerman is the co-founder of SynkedUP, a software platform that automates the challenge every contractor has – knowing your numbers. What does that even mean? Well… automated overhead recovery in estimating, and automated job costing… you get the idea.