SynkedUP Features

Smooth and Efficient Business and Project Management

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One Single Place for Your Entire Team to Work & Access Info

Whether you are the owner, salesperson, foreman/technician, or office admin, SynkedUP enables everyone to work together in harmony from one single platform.

Fast, Accurate Estimating

  • Build accurate estimates quickly without a calculator
  • Save hours building detailed estimates
  • Estimate based on Quoted (fixed) price, Time & Materials, Flat Rate, or Unbillable pricing types.
  • Know with 100% certainty that your estimate is the right price
  • Use templates to save time building routine estimates
  • Break up large estimates into multiple workareas
  • Use production rates instead of manually figuring out quantities
  • Digitally send your estimate off to your customer for approval and down payment

Project Management

  • Every one of your guys can see their schedule and all details of the scheduled jobs, a tap away
  • Every job has a Digital Job Folder with
    • attachments
    • notes
    • all the estimate info with labor, equipment, & materials quantities
    • navigate directly to jobsite
    • progress tracking
  • Know exactly how much labor and materials you’ve used to date, up-to-the-minute accuracy during the project


  • Powerful & practical drag and drop scheduling interface
  • Assign newly sold jobs to a scheduler
  • Schedule and assign work to foreman or service techs
  • Filter the calendar by crew or tech
  • Filter the calendar by division of work (install vs maintenance, etc)
  • Filter the calendar by status (scheduled, completed, etc)

Time Tracking

  • Your time-clock is gonna go bye-bye: meet the SynkedUP app with time tracking
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface (you don’t have to get clunky to get powerful)
  • Every minute your guys get paid is allocated to a job or task
  • Live stats on job progress. Motivate your guys!
  • Know exactly how much labor went in to your project (or that unbillable call-back!)
  • Run payroll for your team


  • Never miss billing for another job or ticket again
  • Stop chasing payment from your customers – use card on file!
  • Skip poring over your notes, SynkedUP has the up-to-date billable amount for you
  • The moment work is completed by field staff, office staff have what they need to invoice. No more delays
  • Integrates directly with Quickbooks Online
  • Automated down-payment invoice sent to customer upon approval of estimate
  • Get paid faster with online payments via Quickbooks Payments

Customer & Lead Management

  • Track every lead
  • Know where people are hearing about you
  • Know your won/lost ratio on your estimates
  • Schedule consultations and assign them to sales staff
  • Seamlessly send calendar events for consultations to sales staff and the customer/lead
  • Tagging, attachments, and notes for every lead or customer
  • Tagging, attachments, and notes for every property