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Welcome to SynkedUP! 👋

WHAT we do is help landscape business owners “Know Their Numbers” which gives them clarity, confidence, and ultimately secure profits in their company. 

But WHY we do it is a bit deeper. We believe SynkedUP was born to, and exists to, help landscape business owners provide a better life for their families, and their teams.

Check out our open positions below! We can’t wait for the next star to join our team! 🙌🎉



Weston Zimmerman - SynkedUP

Weston Zimmerman – SynkedUP CEO & co-founder

Open Positions at SynkedUP 👇

Account Representative

As an Account Rep, your job is to ensure your customers are getting a solid return out of their investment in SynkedUP. The practical duties are things like setting up accounts, training new customers, ensuring they successfully use the product, and responding to any questions or troubleshooting needs they have. The customers assigned to you are your customers. You will be their dedicated contact at SynkedUP.

Congrats Danielle Daniel! 🎉 Welcome to the team!

Sales Associate

As a Sales Associate, your job is to help prospects decide whether SynkedUP is the right fit for their needs. Your goal is to help them make the best decision for their business. Practical duties are things like sales demo calls on Zoom, doing tradeshows, and leveraging our content to drive leads into the sales pipeline.

Congrats Gene Martin! 🎉 Welcome to the team!

Financial Coach

This is a key position, and one we take very seriously. The duties of the Financial Coach lie at the heart of what we do – Knowing Your Numbers. Many SynkedUP customers sign up and are looking at their budget for the very first time, and need someone with the heart of a teacher and coach to help them build a solid budget for their business. The practical duties are things like helping new customers build their company budget in the onboarding process, and teaching content on best practices for their finances on an ongoing basis.

This position is no longer open. Congrats Chris Cooper! 🎉 Welcome to the team!

Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant, your primary objective is to protect the SynkedUP executive team’s time. (3 people) You are high energy, upbeat positive outlook, have a high GSD (Get Stuff Done) factor, and just plain have fun engaging with the team and getting things done! 😁

This position is no longer open. Congrats Stephanie Brodt! 🎉 Welcome to the team!

The Type of People We Hire


You are an energetic person that loves to just GSD – Get Stuff Done! Solving problems, keeping things from falling through the cracks, and watching systems and process hum along just as they’re supposed to make you happy. You constantly look for ways to improve things. You care about how people feel, and want to make sure they’re getting the best outcome you can provide. You are humble, hungry, and smart. You seek after personal growth and development.


We as landscapers ourselves, built a product for landscapers. We get the industry. We understand the challenges. We know the jargon. As much as possible we seek to hire people from the green industry. We view this “we get it” factor as part of our brand, and we strive to keep that edge alive as we grow the team.

Our values are the standard by which we run our company.


To create an environment where we care for and serve the person, not necessarily the business transaction, both for our team and customers. 


To create reliable systems that solve pain points and frustrations, with the outcome of increased confidence, clarity, efficiency, and prosperity of our customers.


Our purpose is to create products that allow our customers to lead better lives for their families and teams.


We believe there is one God, and we strive to abide by and honor God’s Word in all our interactions with those we encounter. 


To operate with integrity and honesty, and to treat our customers as we’d like to be treated. 

GSD Factor

GSD – Get Stuff Done factor. We believe in getting to the point and getting stuff done. We wanna see results.

Our Story

SynkedUP started with the need to “synkronize” our own landscaping company’s operations.

Have you ever lost money on a job and not known why?

That’s only one of many questions I could ask you. Questions that likely you and I both resonate with.

SynkedUP started forming as a… (continue reading)

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