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It’s Time to Love Running Your Business


I’ll be really straightforward. Every business management software you have a tab open for and researching right now says this in one way or another: “Be better than you ever were before!”

We know…

How are you ever supposed to know which one to try? It’s gonna cost money. But worse than the price, you fear no ROI, and the lost time and effort if you make the wrong choice.

Let me tell you a story.

For 10 years we’ve researched all the mainstream landscape business management softwares. We bought the ones we thought would work. We tried, used, unsubscribed, tried something else, tried 3 others, used them all at once.

We’ve been through the mill.

Don’t get me wrong. Each one of them had a strong point or two. The problem, while difficult to succinctly explain, revolved around this one thing:

None of them served the whole team.

They each did well in their strong points. But none of them served the business from the backend to the front end.

The one software we were running did pretty well in the back end of the business with building a company budget and estimating.
But zero job costing. So we got another software for that.
Clunky scheduling. So we got another software for that.
No invoicing. So we did it all manually.
No access to client info, and difficult workflows in the mobile app…

There’s more. But I’ll stop, you get the picture.

What we ended up with was running 5-6 different softwares, and that meant data everywhere. Our guy’s had no central place to access information. We spent days pulling info out of those various softwares and pouring it into spreadsheets to come up with some metrics. And in the end, we wondered if it was right.

We were all frustrated. And when we asked around to see what others were doing, we learned we weren’t the only ones. This was an industry problem. 

So we built
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Over the course of 5 years we built SynkedUP from the ground up. With one overarching purpose in mind.

“To build a central platform where every member of your team could work from.”
SynkedUP - Contracting Business Management Software
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From the book keeping, sales people, and owners, all the way to the formen, service techs, even to the new guy you just hired out there working in the field.

One system. From first phone call from a new lead, to the job costing after you completed the project.

The secretary captured the lead’s info in SynkedUP, set up the consultation in SynkedUP.

The salesperson created the estimate in SynkedUP.

The customer digitally approved it in SynkedUP. 

Collected the down payment in SynkedUP.

The scheduler got a notification about the newly sold job and scheduled it, and assigned it to a foreman in SynkedUP.

The foreman got a notification and reviewed the notes, info and pictures in the digital job folder in SynkedUP. The foreman started the job and tracked his time, materials used in SynkedUP.

Oh, by the way, he didn’t show up on site without the neccessary equipment and tools, because he had all the info about the job in his digital job folder in SynkedUP.

The salesperson got a notification when the project was completed in SynkedUP. He reviewed all the time and materials the crew used in SynkedUP.

He simply read the job costing report. It was automatically generated. Live. Without spending 3 hours entering data.

And… he saw that they hit their profit goals, and sent the foreman a congratulatory message.

Not one paper timesheet. Not one spread sheet. Not one manual email. No crumpled muddy notes in a paper job folder that looked like a rhino trashed it.

The entire project lifecycle. In SynkedUP.

Every member of the team. In SynkedUP

Seamless efficiency.


SynkedUP helps you, and your entire team, work in harmony. Eliminate the endless frustrations of inefficiency.

Let’s get your entire team pulling the same direction, shall we?