SynkedUP Customer Case Studies

You likely have seen our stuff, our emails, socials, etc, where we say things like

  • Know Your Numbers™
  • Thrive not Survive
  • save time
  • make more money
  • eat more dinners at home with your family
  • happier team members

Let me tell you a little secret. We didn’t come up with those things. Our customers did.

So… does it actually work? Will it work for you?
Don’t listen to us. Listen to them 👇

Real Customers with Real Results

Problem vs Result

Saving Precious Time Estimating & Closing Jobs "In The Driveway"

DJ Fouce went from taking 3 days to produce a quote, to taking only 5 min

“A lot of customers want a quote fast, the sooner the better. They’ll write a check right there on the spot if I can get them that quote. Now I don’t have to sit in the office for 2-3 hours after work, I go home to be with my family. That’s where I’m REALLY saving.”
DJ Fouce, owner of Foucescapes in Indiana

Brian Schmauder cut his estimating time by 80% and got his Saturdays back!

“The old school method of hand written estimates took 2 hours, and now takes 10-15 min in SynkedUP
Brian Schmauder, owner of DelRay Landscapes in Virginia

Elmer Fisher saved 20 hrs a month in estimating, he now reinvests that into his business & family

“Before SynkedUP I had no system. I went from taking a couple evenings per estimate, to now I just did a $100k estimate in 30 min

Elmer Fisher, owner of Potted Luck Landscaping in Pennsylvania

Alex Bulow freed up over 15 hrs a month to get back out in the field again

“Before SynkedUP I would spend about 20-30 hours a month doing estimates, after SynkedUP the time was cut in half. I freed up $2,500/mo worth of labor to put back into production. Compared to the cost of the software, that’s a no-brainer.”
Alex Bulow, owner of Inca Stone in Pennsylvania

Problem vs Result

Fixing Pricing and Actually Making Money

Keegan Grove went from $40,000 to $100,000 net profit in 6 months

“I got with SynkedUP about 6 months ago. My $5,000/year investment into SynkedUP turned into a $100,000 net profit for me”
Keegan Grove, owner of Mountain Strong Landscaping in West Virginia

Aaron Ashton: "I don't loath quoting anymore"

“I never really like quoting, but now it takes me 10-30 min to write up a quote and it’s amazing because I know it’s accurate
Aaron Ashton, owner of Thunderbird Landscaping in Pennsylvania

Keegan Grove went from 8% to 30% net profit in 6 months

I was one of those guys who thought $400/mo was too much money for software, but it’s not. Since signing up with SynkedUP my company went from 8% to 30% net profit.”
Keegan Grove, owner of Mountain Strong Landscaping in West Virginia

Problem vs Result

Buying a Tool You End Up Not Using (The worst! 😖)

"I'm not a computer guy, but we were up and running in less than 2 weeks"

“SynkedUP was built by tradesmen for tradesmen. They get what it’s like to not be a computer guy.”
Alex Bulow, owner of Inca Stone in Pennsylvania

Problem vs Result

Job Looks Awesome, but No Idea Whether You Made Money

job costing for landscapers - SynkedUP

Trey Chilcoat used to take 3-4 hours to job cost a job, now he can see it in real-time

“Our old job costing system was LMN, Quickbooks Projects, and paper and pen, and we’d never know the results until after the job was done. Now I know exactly where we are at any given point, which allows us to make decisions and react in real-time vs trying to figure out what we did 30 days ago.
Trey Chilcoat, owner of From The Ground Up Landscaping in Pennsylvania

Problem vs Result

Your Team Blowing Up Your Phone?

Landscape contractor on phone

"My guys aren't calling me 25 times a day anymore"

“My guys in the fields can answer questions themselves. All the info they need is right in the mobile app, which allows me to focus on the business.”
Trey Chilcoat, owner of From The Ground Up Landscaping in Pennsylvania

Problem vs Result

Not a Techy Person? No Problem. Built for Landscapers by Landscapers

an app for non techy landscapers - SynkedUP

"I don't have to be techy to use it"

“I love the team at SynkedUP, they helped me understand how the system worked. I’m not a techy guy and I understand how to use it
Aaron Ashton, owner of Thunderbird Landscaping in Pennsylvania

Problem vs Result

Stuff everywhere? Disorganized? No more...

software to organize your landscape business

Trey Chilcoat now manages his entire process from consultation to invoicing in one system

“SynkedUP is a one-stop shop for us. If we ever had an issue, we had an answer back in minutes from their customer service team.”
Trey Chilcoat, owner of From The Ground Up Landscaping in Pennsylvania

Our Story

SynkedUP started with the need to “synkronize” our own landscaping company’s operations.

Have you ever lost money on a job and not known why?

That’s only one of many questions I could ask you. Questions that likely you and I both resonate with.

SynkedUP started forming as a vague pipe dream of an idea while we were onboarding onto a software to run our growing landscaping business.

And then we onboarded on to another.

And another.

The more softwares we tried, the more the SynkedUP idea started picking up steam. Every time we turned to the next offering on the market we became more frustrated. They all had their strong points, but none of them allowed us to comprehensively run our business; spanning roles from the guys out in the field to the book keepers in the office.

We were running one software to track our time and estimate jobs, but then after those jobs were done, that software didn’t have any job costing or invoicing. So we were running yet two more softwares for those activities. And the scheduling and CRM tools greatly lacked, so… we ran yet another software for those functions.

Get the picture? You might be living this scenario right now.

Mobile app for landscapers
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We wanted to solve this issue in the worst way. We were wasting so much time trying to keep data in all these various softwares updated and current. They didn’t talk to each other. Everything was painstakingly manual. We got serious about this SynkedUP idea, and began holding meetings with our team, bringing in other experts to gain insight. And we started on an endeavor that turned in to way more than we ever anticipated.

As we started planning and developing a custom software platform to synkronize (see the pun? ?) our landscape company’s operations, we paused….

We thought to ourselves, we are not special. We are just a regular landscaping company trying to efficiently run our business. There’s got to be others out there just like us.

And there is. You.

So we rolled up our sleeves, committed to the vision, and flew in to this project with the passion that comes from believing there is a better way.

It was 2016 when we first started developing this software. And now, we have been becoming not only more efficient in our own business, but also more profitable in our own business, by using SynkedUP during the last 4 years. Behind that login screen there is a growing team of developers from all over the world, support staff, and a group of users that are thrilled with the impact that SynkedUP has had on their companies. People just like you.

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing.

A way to make a living that doesn’t rob us of our “life”.
Enable our employees to grow and have great tools to do their job.
We want to hit our financial goals. And when we don’t, we need to know why.
Not lose sleep over the craziness going on at work. We want a system and a process that can be followed with ease.
Our team working in harmony.

That. Right up there. That’s what SynkedUP is and does. It’s what we live and breath.

We are a tool that allows you to take control of your business, your processes, and get your team SynkedUP.

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Welcome to the movement. I can’t wait to hear your story.

Our Team

The people behind SynkedUP

Meet our talented engineers, sales, and customer success teams that make SynkedUP successful.

Weston Zimmerman


Etienne de Bruin SynkedUP CTO

Etienne de Bruin


Fred Pape

Chief Experience Officer

Allan Stewart - Senior Engineer at SynkedUP

Allan Stewart

Lead Engineer

Eric Andres

Senior Engineer

Gene Martin Sales Associate at SynkedUP

Gene Martin

Sales Associate

Jonathan Miller Sales Associate at SynkedUP

Jonathan Miller

Sales Associate

Steph Matthews

Customer Success Specialist

Kyle Nichols

Account Rep

Chris Cooper Financial Coach at SynkedUP

Chris Cooper

Financial Coach

Stephanie Brodt - Executive Assistant at SynkedUP

Stephanie Brodt

Executive Assistant

Our values are the standard by which we run our company.


We reimagine and tenaciously optimize ways to make contractors more profitable, enabling them to build better businesses. Innovating and developing reliable systems that help them control the business. To thrive, not just survive.

Faith & Service

We believe in God, and we endeavor to steward the resources He’s given us with diligence. Operating with integrity. Striving to honor his Word, and treating all those we encounter as we’d like to be treated

Growth Mindset

We’re a team of high-performance individuals, constantly leveling up, seeking 1% gains every day. We exercise humility, seeking feedback and offering feedback. Relentlessly pursuing our calling and God-given gifts, living with the pain of discipline, and not the pain of regret. Problem solvers that come up with solutions, not excuses.

Machine Builders

We don’t rise to the level of our goals, but we fall to the level of our processes. We’re process-driven, always optimizing to deliver the magic at scale. We believe repeatable processes in our operation deliver freedom for our team, and consistent results for our customers, enabling us to keep our promises.


We believe that fulfillment and meaning come from serving others. We put others first and help them achieve their fullest potential. We best serve each other when we call it the way it is, not sugar-coating communications. We care for the whole person and not just the business transaction. We build the people, and the people build the business.

See SynkedUP in action

Learn how you can use SynkedUP to power your landscaping business, with scheduling and time tracking, materials, costs, billing info for service tickets, and more.