1 Year Since Launch Day

It’s been a long day in the office, meeting with prospects, doing our weekly webinar, and discussing the latest on our recruiting efforts to hire some high end engineers with my CTO.

As I was wrapping a few things up at my desk, it suddenly occurred to me – today is December 1!

One year since we launched SynkedUP to the public. 🎉

It’s been an incredible year.

Last year this time, we weren’t sure what to expect, pulling back the cover on our shiny new software and apps. Showing it off for the first time. Was our baby ugly? Or was it what we believed it was – a revolution to knowing your numbers for landscapers.

The following months blew away our expectations by a mile. We thought we might achieve 70 new accounts by the end of 2021. We blew by 70 in April.

I appreciate the support from every one of you who believed in us. Just a tiny new startup, determined to change the way landscapers take control of their numbers and businesses.

Your faith in the vision and mission of SynkedUP is inspiring.

Today, we are rolling full steam ahead. 💪 Our team is massively upgraded from a year ago. Our onboarding process is much better. We’re rolling out features every week, in response to your feedback.

I can’t wait to see what one year from today looks like. The hardest part is getting started. Right now, I’m feeling momentum.

Join the movement today 🤝


Weston Zimmerman
CEO and co-founder

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