Fast, Accurate Estimating

Accurately estimating jobs is critical to the success of your business. You miss the mark – it hurts.

But it isn’t hurting only you.

When you lose money on a job; it’s also hurting your employees and your family.

The SynkedUP estimating tool is designed to allow you to quickly and easily build accurate estimates with our drag and drop interface. All while accurately using your own companies’ data to accurately recover overhead expenses and generate the profit you need to provide the life you want for your team, yourself, and your family.

job estimating app for landscape business

How Does it Actually Work?

estimating software for landscape business

The Old Way

Instead of writing down a list of materials down on a notepad, scratching your head hoping you aren’t forgetting anything…

The SynkedUP Way

Quickly pull together an estimate in a few clicks using pre-built templates, ensuring you aren’t forgetting the little things.

Manually run through all the calculations with a calculator for each item in your estimate. Manually mark up for profit, and take a guess at how much to mark up for overhead recovery.

Simply drag the items you need in to your estimate and SynkedUP instanteanously calculates your item cost + overhead recovery + profit margin as fast as you can drag items in to your estimate. The total estimate price is right there in front of you, updating live as you add, edit, take away items.

Painstakingly calculate quantities of material manually based on your gut feeling or past experience

Use production rates to calculate quantities. For example: Instead of manually calculating how much stone base you need for your 600 sq ft patio, simply enter 600 sq in to SynkedUP and it will automatically calculate the tonnage of base material you need.

Manually write out an email or PDF and send it to the customer for them to review. Play phone tag with the customer to find out whether they want to move ahead with it. Manually get them to sign, scan and return the proposal. Manually create a downpayment invoice and manually collect payment.

When finished building out your estimate, automatically generate a proposal and send it to the customer for approval directly from within SynkedUP. Customer can accept or decline whichever line items they want, digitally sign off on it and Approve. You instantly get a notification of the approval, and the customer automatically gets a down payment invoice that they can pay right from their device.