Job Costing

Job costing is not hard. You can do it with a notepad and calculator.

Collecting the data to job cost with is hard

You can even set up a spreadsheet to job cost pretty quickly. But the hours it takes to record and enter those numbers into the spreadsheet is the friction point. And then you are telling yourself you need to do that for every job 😱 It’s not gonna happen. We both know it.

That’s why we built SynkedUP. Job costing happens automatically. LIVE.

job costing app for landscape businesses

How Does it Actually Work?

job costing for landscapers

The Old Way

Not job cost at all because the friction is too high to collect data

The SynkedUP Way

Collect the data (time, materials used, equipment) live, as it is happening, automatically.

Job Cost in a spreadsheet. Works when you use it. But usually its days after the project actually happened, can’t remember what you used. Your guys forgot to write things down. So you just forget it. Your spreadsheet stays buried in your folders for another year

Record the data as it’s happening. Automatic part of your daily workflow. The job costing report is updating live, as the project is being executed. Automatically. No trying to remember what you did last week. No guessing on your numbers. Know with 100% clarity how you did on every. single. job.

Have no idea what you made on a job

Know exactly what you made. To the penny. In Gross profit. In Net Profit.

You lost money. You know you did. But you have no idea why.

Know exactly what went wrong (or right) and where. Know what part of the project was estimated incorrectly. Know where you had over runs. Know what to do to not repeat the same mistake again. Immediately. Not at the end of the year when your accountant calls you with a grim tone.

job costing software for landscaping businesses
interactive SynkedUP Job Costing report